Jesus told his disciples to go into ALL the world and Make Disciples. A Missional Church is on a “mission” to make that happen in the local church. The church of the 1950s, 60s 70s and 80s is long gone and the church has been slow to sense the cultural and societal shift. The church of the 21st century, in order to survive and grow, must discern its community and how it can best “serve” its citizens. “No church votes to die, it just votes not to live,” (Thom Rainer from his book, “Autopsy of a Deceased Church“).


Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer early on saw the evil of National Socialism and Hitler. He wrote the classic, “The Cost of Discipleship.” Bonhoeffer saw the evil of Nazism and how its beliefs and influence was infiltrating the German church and how it was radically changing German society; he did his part in trying to stop Hitler and became a Christian martyr. Discipleship, to Bonhoeffer is a high calling in Christ and a call to action.




Lay Servant/Speaker Janice Gabbard speaks about why Christians need not worry. God gives us assurance that he is looking out for us.